The Velveeta Effect

Do you like Velveeta? That bright orange semi-soft mass of psuedo-food.

I do. And I don’t.

OK I know that sounds like political speak but I’m 100% sincere about it. I like Velveeta when it comes out of the microwave and you dip your Dorito into it. And yeah it works great in a simple Mac & Cheese. That’s ’cause it’s not cheese. It’s processed cheese food. So it has it’s place, just not in the world of real cuisine.

Which brings me to the point of this week’s post.

Is your advert Velveeta? Was your idea real cheese? But, when you went to your computer and started “app-ing” your way to creative nirvana, did it turn into Velveeta? What got lost along the way? Very often that mistake lies in trying to be too clever. Too “advertise-y”. Not real. Not relevant. Lacking real ingredients that the viewer can taste and enjoy. Then come back for more. Again. And again. And…

Sure, sometimes Velveeta is the perfect food to serve. But, by halftime they’ll be looking for something with more substance.