Week 1 Meets White Wine on the Rocks

I encourage everyone to learn more about the founding fathers of the Golden Age of Advertising by Googling Bill Bernbach, David Ogilvy, Helmut Krone, Bob Gage, Roy Grace and George Lois. Their work is iconic and timeless. They are my inspiration and my heroes. And they did incredible work without a single Adobe App!

Oh, and speaking of German wine, check out this link to Comm Arts that showcases a cool label design inspired by the German region and river of it’s origin. http://www.commarts.com/exhibit/clean-slate-wine.html This label design stopped me for a moment and I started to consider if there had ever been an advertising campaign that influenced me to buy a particular wine. You know, I couldn’t recall a single one. The only one I could recall was a campaign created more than 20 years ago by Hal Riney and Partners, San Francisco, for Bartles and James… and that was really a wine cooler. The campaign (Google and You Tube it) became a long running success for the Gallo Wine Company garnering great attention and press, much like the recent Mac vs PC campaign. It wasn’t adversarial like the Mac campaign, though. Instead, both characters (named Bartles and Jaymes) were homespun looking, down-home types and sat on the front porch of a farm house. One of them (I think Jaymes) did all of the talking and he ended every tv commercial with the line, “And thank you for your support.” The campaign was “country corny” but it sure sold a lot of wine cooler.