Battle of the Scents: Part 1

What better time of the year to have a fragrance competition than the Christmas Season.

A three way playoff.

Flora vs Hypnose vs Love of Pink

Open them up.

Give a look.

Take one to the checkout counter.

Comments please!

Battle of the Brands: Part 9

Another car competition.

VW New Beetle vs Mini Cooper

Round vs Boxy

Germany vs England (via BMW)

Fun vs Fun

Individuality vs Individuality

Cult vs cult

Simple selection vs limitless options

Turbocharged vs Supercharged

Turn the key. Pedal to the metal. Smile.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am the former owner of an “Alien Green” Turbo New Beetle and currently drive a British Racing Green Mini Cooper S

U gotta problem wit dat?

I love problems. Big problems, little problems, serious ones and stupid ones.

Do you??? I hope so.

After all, that’s what we’re in the business of. Solving problems. Creatively. Intelligently. Insightfully. Powerfully. And all too often, quickly and cheaply. But problems are what I love. Do you?

Sales are down. Problem!

Our brand has lost it’s mojo. Problem!

We’re not being re-tweeted enough. Problem!

We need more visitors to our website. Problem!

We need an integrated, online marketing campaign in 3 days! Big problem!

Lots of problems. And lots of opportunity. Funable opportunity!

Take advantage of the opportunity. Solve the problem. Bingo, you got a job.

Solve the problems, solve them very well, and for a long time, and you’ve got yourself something we call a career.

Avoid problems and you’ve got yourself a… problem!

Bedeviling boredom with “funable”.

Funable. It’s a new word. I made it up. Yep! New word. Not in the dictionary. You can look it up. And you won’t find it. Right there in the New Oxford American Dictionary between fumitory and Funabashi. Right there, where it should be, it isn’t. I looked it up and when I found out it wasn’t there… I created it. Funable. Created at 7:13 am, September 18, 2010.

“An idea is nothing more nor less then a new combination of old things.” James Webb Young

Fun + able = funable. Definition: The ability to take something boring, mundane, pedestrian or uninteresting and turn it into an enjoyable and satisfying experience. Noun, adjective, verb, adverb. Versatile. Easy on the eyes… and easy to use. Except in Scrabble. Just try to sneak it by a hardcore Scrabbler. Busted!

So that’s how I made this post that’s simply intended to give you access to this week’s materials… funable.

That’s right. Creating “funable” made writing this post funable.