UPS and Logistical Love Redux

It’s been almost two months since I posted my first observation of the UPS brand repositioning. Sadly my first opinion hasn’t changed. If anything, it’s been reinforced through repeated viewings of subsequent creative efforts by the package delivery industry’s version of Avis. The ‘love’ thing still rings semi-generic, uplifted by the outstanding production values of each spot. They almost make you forget the idea driving them.

“We love logistics.” makes me pine for the demonstrative ‘Whiteboard’ campaign by way of Richmond’s Martin agency. Instantly and uniquely recognizable for both brand and benefit. OK, like many others I kept shouting “Get a haircut” every time I saw a spot, but, let’s not forget that the campaign became so iconic it was even spoofed on Saturday Night Live and in dozens of YouTube parodies . Talk about becoming part of America’s social fabric… not bad one of the color wheel’s tertiary colors. The campaign made the UPS brand position of partnership and simplicity a powerful one. “What can brown do for you?” Miss ya.

UPS “Logistics” commercials work hard and look good demonstrating the functional aspects of the lengths to which they’ll go to demonstrate their love, but it all still comes off as a generic exercise in creativity. I even imagined a FedEx logo in place of the UPS shield and everything made sense as a campaign for FedEx, sans the love. Unique brand position? Not in my book.

Why explain in excrutiating detail (a brown smart car, even) what you spent the entire last campaign simplifying? It’s as if UPS was saying “We make it really, really simple, but look how complicated it all is and see how hard we all work to make it really, really simple for you! And it’s all because we love what we do!”

AND… we do it internationally!

Love ya Brown. But you’re giving me lessons in logistics that I already know. And that love thing, sorry. I like logistics.

I’ll keep you posted should things change.

Bedeviling boredom with “funable”.

Funable. It’s a new word. I made it up. Yep! New word. Not in the dictionary. You can look it up. And you won’t find it. Right there in the New Oxford American Dictionary between fumitory and Funabashi. Right there, where it should be, it isn’t. I looked it up and when I found out it wasn’t there… I created it. Funable. Created at 7:13 am, September 18, 2010.

“An idea is nothing more nor less then a new combination of old things.” James Webb Young

Fun + able = funable. Definition: The ability to take something boring, mundane, pedestrian or uninteresting and turn it into an enjoyable and satisfying experience. Noun, adjective, verb, adverb. Versatile. Easy on the eyes… and easy to use. Except in Scrabble. Just try to sneak it by a hardcore Scrabbler. Busted!

So that’s how I made this post that’s simply intended to give you access to this week’s materials… funable.

That’s right. Creating “funable” made writing this post funable.