Mad Men, Beautiful Women and Great Looking Hair

If anyone has yet to avail themselves of the uplifting viewing experience of watching Mad Men on AMC wait no longer. Beyond the outstanding writing and universally exceptional performance lies the art direction and the creative process on display that deals with creativity in a reasonable, if not accurate, way. The staging this past week was to my eye, exceptional, evidenced in the scene which take place in the SCDP lobby. Don is flanked by “The Beautiful Women” (the episode title), Joan, Faye, et. al., who “support” him at the agency as his ex-wife arrives to take their daughter back to her home. It’s a perfect illustration of the issues that tear at Don from week to week.

The Beautiful Women are also beautifully coiffed. So it’s no coincidence that one of last Sunday’s advertisers was Suave, makers of affordable shampoos and conditioners. Which, in fact, brings me to the next class assignment. (And you were wondering where all this was leading.

So, in advance of this week’s class take some time to visit the Suave website and get to know the brand. Maybe even shampoo your hair with some of it. We’ll cover all the details on Thursday.