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WEEK4: FEBRUARY 13TH: A class about everyday things and a discussion with many great opinions. A clear sign of analysis, attitude and evaluation. Of paramount importance is separating your personal and professional selves when making judgements. Including both can be part of the process but each should provide you with a clear perspective.

Week 4 Assignment is Emotional Design, Chapter 3.

Here are the Week 4 Notes: i2DVC_SP19_LECTURE4_NOTES

WEEK 3: FEBRUARY 6TH – Everybody cheer! No writing and a short reading assignment!

Wait, don’t kid yourself. Massimo Vignelli’s writing is like his designs and his design philosophy: bold and direct in its purpose.

Read. Understand. We will discuss.

This week’s reading of The Vignelli Canon: Vignelli_Canon_READING_1

For those interested, here are the Week 3 Lecture Notes: i2DVC_SP19_WK3_LECTURE3_NOTES

WEEK2: JANUARY 30th: – UGH! I know. You hate to read. And yes, Andy Warhol prided himself on never reading. But you’re not him.

You say to yourself, “I’m a designer. I create with images. Words slow me down.”

READ! You need to know this stuff. Learn it. Understand it. Own it.

Trust me. It will make you a “serious” designer.

Maybe not today. But next week. And next month. And throughout your career. Buried in your subconscious, it will be there for you. When you need it. It will be there. You’ll use it even when you don’t know you’re using it. So read. Not for me. For you.

And, so we can have a serious conversation in class every week.

Here is this week’s writing assignment: i2DVC_SP19_WK2_writing_assignments

Here are all the assignments for Week2: i2DVC_SP19_WK2_all_assignments,

Here are the Week 2 notes: i2DVC_SP19_WK2_LECTURE2_NOTES

WEEK1: JANUARY 23rd – I hope that everyone had an enjoyable and insightful evening. I also hope that you take the opportunity presented by the Week 1 Assignment to begin developing an understanding of your Personal Design Philosophy. I’m looking forward to reading your evaluations.

Here are the Week 1 downloads: DSN*1100*01_SYLLABUS_SPRING19_PALATINIDSN*1100*01_i2dvc_SP19_CONTRACT i2dvc_SP19_ASSIGNMENT1

Here are the abbreviated Week 1 Lecture notes: i2DVC_SP19_WK1_LECTURE1_NOTES

WEEK 2: JANUARY 30th – Tonight’s lecture will feature the Prologue to “Emotional Design” by Don Norman. I invite and encourage you to read it.