About The Advert

The Advert is dedicated to providing insight, information and observations about brands, advertising and creativity. The Advert approaches these topics by casting a critical, provocative and often humorous eye towards the many ways that brands, products and services present themselves, in both traditional and new media, in their efforts build relationships with consumers, drive sales, earn market share and generate profits.

The Advert considers all forms of communications and creative disciplines in an effort to provide a broad context to the advertising and design industrie . From logo design to website design, from home-grown YouTube videos to full-on global television campaigns, The Advert will search the world of communications and creativity to present trends, breakthroughs and the sometimes overlooked.

The Advert has been purposed as a resource for students interested in a career in the communication arts. It’s also designed to be a useful resource for “idea industry” professionals and just about anyone else who’s fascinated by and interested in advertising, design, creativity and their impact and influence on the lives of people around the globe.

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