Back to the Future

You could make a pretty strong argument that Lincoln, upscale marque of the Ford Motor Company, had lost it’s way, if not it’s soul for the better part of the last decade. While Ford styling was evolving in  utilitarian increments, Lincoln’s designers were wandering in a sea of chrome and disorganized proportions.

Well, things have changed with the advent of a new commitment by senior management led by Bill Ford Jr., the executive chairman of Ford, who articulated the challenge, “We had to fix the Ford brand first, because without the [blue] oval, there is no Lincoln. Now it’s time to turn our attention to Lincoln.”

Ford launched a new advertising campaign for Lincoln late last year and even renamed the brand, The Lincoln Motor Company, a nod to it’s storied past. Four new or restyled models will roll into showrooms in the months ahead.

What remains to be seen is what type of buyers will be attracted to this latest effort at re-energizing the buying public. The Cadillac small car entry, the ATS, has gotten a huge marketing push and is creating a lot of buzz, while the German trinity of Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW also have strong lineups. The Lincoln Motor Company has an uphill battle.

Here is the spot that sets the tone and style for the brand relaunch.

Full disclosure, the author has an M-B C300 AWD and Mini Cooper S in his garage.

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