December 8, 2011: The Day the Internet Died

Time marches on. At warp speed. The web has reduced a news cycle “day” to eight hours. The life spans of electronic devices are now shorter than that of a snail darter. A new app is being “born” every 16.3 seconds.

Time marches on… at light speed.

And the latest victim of all this runaway innovation and technology is… wait for it, here it comes…

The Internet.

At least that’s the view of George Colony, chairman and CEO of Forrester Research. During his presentation at the Paris, France web conference, La Web, Colony dropped a few bombshells, to say the least.

His big prediction: it’s all Clouds and Apps.

His interview with WSJ provides some brief glimpses into the future of social media, the aforementioned, soon-to-be deceased Internet and the aggregation our personal files.

Here’s the link:

Watch. Enjoy. Ponder.

Then think long and hard about what technical skills you’ll need in the near future to keep your career on the fast track.