Homage to the PLUS sign

Two short lines. With perpendicular proclivities. Intersecting. Replete with possibilities.

Positive. Optimistic. Add-ictive.

It’s humble, yet unpredictable. Lacking pretension and calmly confident

It’s given us great inventions. Great food. Great art.

Yes, I love the plus sign. And the endless opportunities it affords the creative mind.

Consider the combinations it creates.

Peanut butter + jelly. Ham + eggs. Macaroni + cheese.

Abbott + Costello. Martin + Lewis. Oscar + Felix.

Captain + coke. Gin + tonic. Scotch + soda.

Lennon + McCartney. Plant + Page. Jagger + Richards.

To those of us who ask “What if?”and for the ones who channel Thomas Edison, the plus sign is empowering. Emancipating. It’s an enabler.

When do you + ? How do you + ? What do you + ? Why do you + ?

What’s your favorite combination? Your greatest combination?

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